Syria, our shared heritage

Before 2011, only few people had heard of Syria – but yet so rich in terms of culture, ressources, arts, cuisine and so on!

Syria is a crossroad

A crossroad of the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean countries, Crusades History… An open-air museum of the ancient civilisations such as Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks. The birthplace of the three revealed religions…and we can keep writing like this probably for hours and hours.

Indeed, Syria, is at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa at the crossroads of millenium-old peoples.

church syria

Not just an “Arab republic”

It is more than that. A young Mediterranean country which share so many common habits with its neighbors. Never forget that boundaries were drawn by people. A road marking, or a wall don’t mean that people are different.

To understand the richness of this country, it’s important to know that its society is – very complex for some – a diverse, multiethnic, multi religious population for others. Indeed, as a crossroad country, Syria is composed of several ethnies such as Arabs of course, Kurds, Circassians, Assyrians, Armenians – the list is way longer than that – and a multitude of religions such as Jews, Christians and Muslims but also Yazidis and this is a non-exhaustive list. This extraordinary mosaic contributed in building several millennia arts and inspired the contemporary creations (handicrafts, paintings, musics, dances, songs etc.).

The importance of building projects across borders

After 2011, the fear that this intense intellectual and artistic life disappears one day is a legitimate concern. This is why it is vital to continue building projects across borders, developing new partnerships with artists and intellectuals from all around the word, to pursue a common heritage for humanity.

The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians & Guests

The Orchestra of Syrian Artists appears to be a strong signal to the international community, regarding the difficulties the organizers had to face to allow this project exist. Indeed, it had been initiated by Damon Albarn – best known as the lead singer of the British rock band Blur as well as co-founder, vocalist, instrumentalist and principal songwriter of the virtual band Gorillaz – and gathered Guest Artists from Britain, Syria, Algeria, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Turkey, Tunisia and the United States including Bassekou KouyatéBu KolthoumEslam JawaadFaia YounanJulia HolterMalikahMounir TroudiNoura Mint SeymaliPaul WellerRachid Taha and Seckou Keita.

This type of projects are part of many others that are coming into bloom all around the world. They are transmitting to the world a message of peace, of love, of shared responsibility and hope. Take a look on that and enjoy 🙂

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