About the West Indies

If you never been in the West Indies, then please, remedy to that!


Saintes Bay

The Saintes Bay, one of the top 3 most beautiful bays in the world


The West Indies, the Caribbean Islands or the Antilles, is one of the most beautiful archipelago in the world. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

It is commonly admitted that these heavenly islands have been discovered in 1492 by Christophe Columbus at the occasion of his expedition to the – he will be convinced until the end of that – “east coast of Asia”, hence the “West Indies” name.

If the legend says that Columbus was the first to shore the land of what will be called later the Americas, reality is quite a bit different.

Indeed, way before him, there were already people living there, populations always referred as “Pre-Colombians”, but also it appears that Vikings – and more particularly a certain Leif Erikson – were the first europeans to go there, during the 11th century.


Colors door

Terre de Haut, Les Saintes


Its beauty and its specificity reside in several aspects, from them we can cite its extraordinary luxurious flora, its intense – but sometimes tragical – history and past, its amazing mosaic of people that produce unique and mystical arts.

Caribbean Islands offer to the onlookers that dare to get lost, an endless spectacle thanks to all the colors explosion, the flavors blend filled with vibrant sounds.

Living this exceptional adventure require few preparations. Indeed, to fully experience these lands, it is more than important to understand the history of those sacred lands.


Baie des trésors

Tresor Bay, Martinique


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