Pregnancy, profesional career & family

Pregnancy is always an intense moment. If desired, it is an unbelievable moment, full of joy and surprising emotions.

When pregnancy is unwanted, it can be a complex moment, one of misery and suffering.

Then many questions come to mind: “is it the right time?”, “am I be able to raise a child?”, “am I ready for that?” …

The purpose of this article is not to judge a I believe every woman is free to chose the right thing to do.

From my side, I am in the case of the “happy super excited woman”, more than excitited to meet and welcome this little baby home.

Despite joy and happyness that could bring a “petit bébé” there is another crucial question every active woman will face : “how will I pursue my profesional career, at the same level of any man in my company?” or “How will I do to not feel guilty if I have to go on business trip?”.

Wether we like it or not, this precious can impact us for the rest of our life our personal life and career.


I/ The eyes of others

But hey, congratulations, you are pregnant!

Then arrives the moment to inform all your friends, colleagues and relatives. Well this could be really confusing, especially, when you are happy to share this incredible moment and that you realize that only few people (not talking about your closest friends or family) are happy for you, and surprizingly, not those that you would think would be. Strange feeling, but interesting after all!

csk baby

II/ The eyes of your partner

I guess than most of plus one start to realize that you are about to bring life the day they start to see your belly grows.

From my side, I was a bit stressed at the beginning especially because of all the clichés we have around women and pregnancy, and the lost of her sex-appeal. Indeed, I started to feel ugly and repulsive, until I realized how beautiful I was.

It is just a question of acceptation of a new step in our life. But event that, are we prepared to dot? Is the modern society aware of that?

csk work

III/ The eyes of your profesional environment

Indeed, you think and re-think how to announce it in a good way, how will get your colleagues the information. Are they about to be happy with you and for you? Would it be appropriate to offer a snack to celebrate at the office?

As I said earlier,  it was one fo the most difficult moment from my side. Once I decided to announce my pregnancy to my colleagues, I started to read like thousands of blogs, forums, in order for me to find the best way to announce the big news to my team.

Well, I believe I have done it in the right way. First of all, I decided to write a small message to all my colleagues in which I invited them to a breakfast to celebrate together! So I brought some croissants, pains au chocolat, beverages in order to spend together a convivial moment.

To provide you a portrait, in my job we are kind of a small team in the headquarter with around 10 people and no real manager. After all, I believe this was a good initiative even if the result was really disappointing. But some of my colleagues decided to just participate without talking or asking anything at all.

csk future

IV/ The eyes of your future

The really question is “what about you”?

From my side I had never be that lost in my life. Today I have a job, an interesting job, but this pregnancy makes me realize that :
1/I don’t want to work in a “non really” kids friendly environment…
2/I want to work more in a proactive company and feel that beeing a mother is not the end, but a boost to my career,
3/I want to share with my friends, family and colleagues that this experience gave me strenght more than ever!

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